What We Do

Our team is building the future of sharing ideas with the Notability Gallery. Notability has remained a top-seller in the App Store in the years since its debut, and maintains millions of active users. The Notability Gallery allows our users to not only capture and organize their thoughts and ideas, but share them with our growing online community.

What You'll Do

  • Take ownership of project initiatives, adding momentum through investigation, thoughtful planning, knowledge sharing, and mentorship.
  • Operate with respect for the ideas, victories, mistakes, and time of your collaborators
  • Drive ideation toward efficient, scalable & stable developer and user experience
  • Balance product & technology needs through active & open collaboration
  • Jump into unfamiliar areas to solve tough problems
  • Write stable, readable, extensible, testable code

    Your Experience

    • Expert in web technologies, including React, Typescript, HTML/CSS
    • Able to navigate and contribute to neighboring iOS and backend systems using Swift, Express.js, GraphQL, Redis, and Postgres.
    • Aware and informed of the pros & cons of modern technologies and patterns
    • Passionate about solutions while humble in the face of opposing ideas

    How We Work

    Each member of our team contributes to all parts of our products. We trust each other to make decisions independently while also considering our common goals and values. We share ideas openly, and we collaborate across disciplines to ensure that our decisions make sense from all perspectives.

    When We Work

    We keep work and life balanced. We set our schedules based on our excitement to solve a problem, and we trust each other to get things done. We work from home when it will help, and we have an "as long as you get your work done" vacation policy.

    Where We Work

    We work in downtown SF near Market Street, just a short walk from two BART/Muni stations. Our open-plan office has height-adjustable desks to help us stay limber, a trio of rooms for small group meetings or individual work, and a shuffleboard table to help us stay coordinated (or to enjoy during happy hour :).

    Remote Work

    We are also open to full-time remote employees who reside in the U.S. We have regularly scheduled virtual social events to build bond and maintain our relationships.


    • Competitive compensation in form of base salary, bonuses and profit sharing
    • Comprehensive healthcare fully covered for you and your family
    • Flexible work and vacation schedules
    • 401k with matching contributions
    • Matching gifts to non-profits
    • Public transit reimbursement
    • Home workstation reimbursement
    • ISP reimbursement
    • Monthly phone bill reimbursement