We have been building powerful, intuitive apps that help people across the world for over a decade. We think deeply about users' needs, and craft innovative solutions that improve productivity. We have one mantra that applies to everything we do: make things simple but powerful.

Each member of our team is a valuable contributor to all parts of our products. We encourage and trust our employees to make their own decisions and employ best practices. As a tight-knit, rapidly growing team, we look for adaptability and positivity. We value open discussion, opinionated ideas, and we frequently collaborate across disciplines to ensure our decisions make sense from all perspectives.

We are profitable. We don't have investors. We have an inclusive and ego-free culture and LOTS of plants. We also make a mean charcuterie spread on Fridays.

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What our users have to say

"Notability is by far my favorite tech tool. It has significantly improved my efficiency, productivity and organization as school principal."

“Notability has been instrumental. We started this organization in the pandemic, and it’s crazy how well we can collaborate without seeing each other. Notability has been instrumental in that.”

"Been a few weeks now of exclusively using Twobird as my #InboxByGmail replacement and I have not looked back. Its clean, simple and just works."

"Twobird is absolutely fantastic. When it comes to an iOS email client, I haven’t found one that has stuck with me as much as Twobird has. It’s the perfect mixture of productivity and simplicity."

  • Holmes

    Handwriting and Graphics Engineer

    “ The team is driven by what benefits our customers. They listen to all employees for strategic, feature, and process decisions. And we have a positive and flexible environment to help employees grow. ”

  • Maya

    Lead Designer for Notability

    “ I love seeing how everyone has a seat at the table when it comes to making product decisions. Fred is a unique CEO that truly truly believes in his employees and allows them to make the decisions collaboratively. ”

  • Jameson

    Senior Design Manager

    “ Everyone has an opportunity to directly impact a huge user base. There are SO many different considerations that must go into designing our apps. Working on a product that serves such a variety of people is always challenging and rewarding. ”

  • Flexible vacation and work schedule

  • Public transit and mobile phone bill reimbursement

  • Happy hours and company outings

  • Free lunch

  • Comprehensive healthcare - medical, dental, vision

  • 401k with matching